History of The School

The School
Dum Dum Krishna Kumar Hindu Academy
was established in 3rd January 1933.

The persons whose contribution are most for establishment of the school:-

1. Karuna Kishore Kargupta

2. Dr. Surendra Mohon Gangopadhay D.S.C.P.R.S.

3. Dr. Binod Bihari Dutta M.A., Ph.D., P.R.S., B.L.

4. Bijoy Kumar Sen B.A.

5. Dr. Niranjan Chattopadhay M.B.

Name of Ex-Head Masters of the School:

1. Late Manmatha Sengupta M.A., B.T. (1933-1935)

2. Late Manoranjan Dasgupta B.L. (1936-1942)

3. Late Rabindra Nath Chakraborty M.A., B.T. (1946-1977)

4. Sri Mahendralal Bandyopadhyay M.A., M.Com., B.T. (1977-1992)

5. Sri Diptiman Dutta M.Sc., B.Ed. (1993-2006)

6. Sri Dibyendu Sekhar Jana M.Com., B.Ed. (2006-2007)

7. Sri Nityananda Pal M.Sc. B.T.   (2007-2014)

8. Sri Amal Krishna Bagchi M.A. B.Ed. (2014-2016)

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